Healthcare Facilities Design

We provide a sensible approach to put systems in place for your practice. Starting your own medical practice can be an exciting endeavor, it requires designing skills, organization, and attention to detail.

At Beron Design Group our team of experts work hard to eliminate any potential problems when designing or improving your clinic. We work to understand your needs and requirements to guarantee complete satisfaction to serve your patients.

Our healthcare facility design services include:

  • Designing the most suitable clinic according to your needs.

  • Improving your existing clinic.

  • Provide construction specifications for a clinic .

  • Space required for proper foot traffic and good ergonomics.

  • Estimation of construction costs.

  • Staff requirements for different clinic sizes. If you want to improve your existing dental clinic facility or services, we will pick and choose what interests you and helps you attain your objectives.

  • How to select the right dental unit, instruments and other equipment.

  • Estimation of dental units, instrument and other equipment.

  • Designing and organizing skills- Dentists and Architects face certain problems like proper utilization of space for equipment placing, plumbing, and proper light setting.